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Our Downingtown Hair Salon
Services & Pricing:


Looking for hair extensions in Downingtown?  Tophat Salon, Spa & Barber is the place for you!

Pricing below includes hair extensions and applications. 

ALL services require an in-salon consultation prior to ordering.

All hair extensions are non-refundable after purchase. A 50% deposit is required. The deposit will go towards the service. If the appointment given is a no-show, the deposit is non-refundable.  We can’t change the color ordered or change length after purchase. They will remain in-salon until service is completed.

We aren’t responsible for any hair extensions that aren’t cared for properly. Not using shampoo and conditioner, and not following home hair care instructions.


We offer clip-in, tape-in, and hand-tight wefts. In addition, we offer maintenance services for wigs.  First-time consultation is required.



Wig maintenance.

Includes a shampoo, condition/deep conditioning, and style. 




Includes the minimum of tape-in extensions in length 10”-12” / 14” – 16”

This helps fill in those sides that just won't grow. Allowing for some length in the front.

If you require more hair for this service, the price is subject to change. 


Total Investment:   10” - 12” $350

14” - 16” $375


Reinstall after 5-8 Weeks:  $150


Includes a minimum of tape-in extensions. Lengths 10”-12” / 14”-16”

This is for someone looking for a pop of color. Example: Low Lights or highlights without the commitment of color or added damage.  Also, this will help add fullness and thicken the hair.

If you require more hair for this service price is subject to change. 


Total Investment:  10”-12” $375

14”-16” $400


Reinstall after 5-8 Weeks:  $250


Includes maximum volume of hair extensions. Lengths 10”-12” | 14”-16” | 18”-20”

*Longer lengths are available upon request*

This includes a full service of extensions for length and fullness.

If hand-tight hair wefts are preferred price is subject to change. 


Total Investment:  10” - 12” $650

14” - 16” $775

18” - 20” $900


Reinstall after 5-8 weeks:  $350 - $450

At TOPHAT Salon & Spa your style is our passion! Book your hair extensions appointment and let Downingtown's best stylists make you glow. 

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